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Drawing rings

The right solution for every requirement

Maximum service life and minimum maintenance costs

Drawing rings are essential components in wire drawing machines. To guarantee optimum performance and long service life, they must withstand high stresses, including high temperatures, high wear, and pressure. Kyocera's zirconia drawing rings offer the perfect solution.

Longer service life compared to coated steel

Kyocera's zirconia drawing rings offer a longer service life than coated steel due to their high wear resistance and thermal stability. As a result, they are reliable in function even under high loads.



Minimal maintenance costs

Zirconia drawing rings require minimal maintenance, resulting in cost savings. Cold welding can also be dispensed with, which brings additional savings.

Improved contact area, no damage to coated wires

The cobblestone structure of the zirconia guarantees an improved contact area. This prevents damage to coated wires and ensures a uniform tensile force.

Kyocera’s technical ceramic drawing cones and drawing rollers offer unsurpassed performance and reliability. We proudly offer our customers a wide range of solutions tailored to their individual needs and requirements. Contact us today to find the best solution for your requirements!

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