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Our experience and expertise in technical ceramics enable solutions for state-of-the-art technologies

Kyocera works closely with customers to realize multifaceted projects. We harness the different properties of our ceramic materials with an eye to specific applications by tailoring our selection to individual use. This results in components optimally designed for use in specific processes.

Selected raw materials of superior quality and our own processing operations at the Mannheim site allow us to carry out detailed control of the specific properties of our high-performance ceramics. The skill and expertise we have built up over many years of manufacturing sophisticated components made of technical ceramics help ensure consistently high quality in our materials. Our in-depth knowledge of ceramics technology and engineering enables ongoing optimization and further development of materials, but that isn’t all. It has also produced multiple successful new developments in materials.

As part of the Kyocera group of companies, we have access to a broad range of advanced ceramic materials and solid manufacturing expertise. As your partner, we support you in implementing your project - competent, solution-oriented, and innovation-driven. We pool our knowledge and the skills present within our organization and work together to realize tailor-made products that have been optimized in both technical and economic terms.

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