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Technical ceramics as the basis for precise and efficient high-performance components

Kyocera supports customers worldwide in making processes safer as well as more efficient and in setting them up for the future. The strongest argument for this is our products and system solutions, distinguished by high quality, precision, and performance levels. In this way, Kyocera sets new standards.

KYOCERA Fineceramics Europe GmbH specialises in working with its customers to develop individual ceramic components for various tasks. Thanks to our many years of experience as a prototype and series manufacturer, we can offer excellent solutions that allow a clear technological edge in applications and processes.

That is why we develop, manufacture, and improve products made of technical ceramics every day. We aim to demonstrate their superior qualities. Ceramic products are multifaceted in so many ways and suitable for countless industry sectors. Therefore, our engineers are constantly dedicated to using their creativity, ingenuity, and expertise to design new products for applications in new fields. The increasing number of application fields for our high-performance ceramics confirm what we have known for a long time. Namely, that technical ceramics is a material for the future characterised by its outstanding material properties and enormous versatility. Take advantage of these benefits and get in touch with us. We work closely with you to find the best ceramics solution for your individual requirements. You will be amazed at what KYOCERA Fineceramics Europe GmbH technical ceramics can do.

In addition to individual developments and designs, we also offer our customers a wide range of products that are available at short notice via our webshop. This allows our customers to operate with agility and flexibility in their respective markets.

Thick-film substrates made of aluminum oxide ceramic in various rectangular shapes

Alumina Thick Film Substrates

5 Ring-shaped plasma-resistant materials made of oxides

Anti-Plasma Materials

Blue sieve-like carrier plate for GaAs disks, disk-shaped

Carrier Plates for GaAs Wafers

L-shaped dielectric strip for fuel cell made of technical ceramics with lateral notch

Ceramic dielectric rails for fuel cells

3 Feedthrough ceramic components that are traversed by several metallic connection points

Ceramic Feedthroughs

Copper-colored high-temperature heaters Aluminum nitride disc

Ceramic Heaters

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Ceramic Needles

Round X-ray image intensifier housing made of ceramic-metal composite and several connections in the housing

Ceramic Products for Radiology

Ceramic pump impeller with axle suspension in the center and 6 wall reinforcements running outwards

Ceramic Pump Impellers

Cream-colored rods, ribbons, bars in various shapes made of technical ceramics

Ceramic Rods, Strips, Bars

Yellow flow meter with symmetrical design, narrow middle section and wider ends with measuring cell

Ceramic Sensor Parts

6 interlocking hollow ceramic tubes in different sizes

Ceramic Tubes

Components for analysis devices and control systems, black background shines through transparent sapphire

Components for analytical instruments and control systems

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Containment shells made of technical ceramics

Crucibles, boats, annealing boxes made of ceramic with narrow walls and rounded edges

Crucibles, Boats, and Combustion Trays

Cylindrical cylinder lining with 2 lateral notches on the upper edge

Cylinder linings

Different colored decorative ceramics in disc shape

Decorative Ceramics

3 round HDD spacers made of Forsterit for hard disk mounting

Disk Spacers

Ceramic domes and chambers in white and black with circular openings of different sizes on the top

Domes and Chambers

Conically and cylindrically shaped drawing cones and drawing rollers made of zirconium oxide

Drawing cones and drawing rollers

Yellow drawing rings in various diameters, thicknesses and widths

Drawing rings

A circular dressing plate with a hole in the center and four smaller, evenly spaced holes

Dressing Plates for Polishing Pads

Various white electrically insulating high-performance ceramic components for medical technology

Electrical Insulator Parts

 ESD tweezers made of semi-conductive ceramic, black matt, non-curved tip

ESD Tweezers

Cylindrical extruder screw with helical thread that extends along the screw

Extruder screws

White and black valves for mixer taps with various valve openings made of high-performance ceramics

Faucet Valves

Ferritkerne in einer Vielzahl von zylindrischen, rechteckigen oder maßgeschneiderten Formen, metallischer Glanz

Ferrite Products

A variety of sintered ruby fine grinding tools in various degrees of fineness

Fine Grinding Tools made of technical ceramics

Rectangular/round firing trays made of aluminium oxide ceramic as sintered base and crucible lid

Firing pads

Rectangular frame part component with multiple boreholes made of silicon carbide

Frame Parts

Vertical-rectangular scrubber-dryer that is segmented into several sections

Fume Scrubbers

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Gas nozzles

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Guide rollers

2 silver handling arms made of technical ceramics for wafer/Si disk handling

Handling Arms

Black and silver process tools and devices for HDD heads made of semiconducting zirconium oxide

HDD Head Processing Tools and Fixtures

Square, heat-dissipating structural ceramic substrate made of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide

Heat dissipating structural substrates

Matt gray heat exchanger tube made of silicon carbide in cylindrical form

Heat Exchanger Tubes

Silver-metallic-colored high-voltage-resistant aluminium oxide ceramic with screw thread

High Voltage-resistant Alumina

Long, slim, ceramic flask in yellow with a smooth, shiny surface and a metallic end

High-Pressure Pistons

2 smooth, polished ceramic U- and J-shaped hooks


Cylindrical heating protection tube closed at the bottom in gray

Immersion heater tubes

Induction hardening devices made of silicon nitride in disk and post form

Induction Hardening Fixtures

3 different insulation tubes with ceramic ribs or smooth components

Insulators and insulating tubes

Cylindrical lamp tube made of single crystal sapphire with metal edging at both ends

Lamp tubes

 Low-reflection, rectangular ceramic structural components for LCD process systems made of aluminum oxide

Large Parts for LCD Processing

LCD covers made of single crystal sapphire in rectangular shape, optically transparent

LCD Covers

Metallic-colored sapphire lifting pins in various individual cuts

Lift Pins

Metallized ceramics in various sizes and shapes

Metallised Ceramics

10 beige dosing valves made of technical ceramics in various round valve shapes

Metering Valves

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Mill components

Rectangular neutralization unit with 2 liquid tanks for acid or alkali

Neutralisation Units

Black nozzle head in cylindrical shape, several small holes in the nozzle neck


Cylindrical nozzle with narrow, tapered nozzle head made of high-performance ceramics

Nozzles, funnels, plugs

Translucent optical sapphire window in cylindrical shape with cavity

Optical sapphire windows

Transparent tubes for plasma generation and guidance made of single crystal sapphire, smooth surface

Plasma Generation and Introduction Tubes

Round polishing plates for polishing wafers made of technical ceramics

Polishing Plates

Rectangular, translucent scan windows for single crystal sapphire POS systems

POS Scanner Windows

Dry pressed and extruded parts made of technical ceramics in various shapes, sizes and materials

Pressed and Extruded Parts

Protective sleeves, protective shafts and protective linings, some with drill holes

Protective sleeves, protective shafts and protective linings

Cylindrical, hollow riser pipes in several sizes with various flange-type connections

Riser Tubes

2 smooth, polished rotors made of high-performance ceramic with connection piece at the end


10 beige dosing valves made of technical ceramics in various round valve shapes

Rotors and stators for analytical instruments

Rectangular, white sapphire components with cavity and high light transparency

Sapphire cells

Sapphire disks for electronic components in gray and black in various sizes

Sapphire Wafers for Electronic Devices

Transparent sapphire windows made of metallized ceramics with robust frame structure

Sapphire Windows

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Silicon Carbide Powders

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Silicon Nitride Powders

2 black sliding rings with smooth, polished surface

Sliding rings, bearing bushes, protection sleeves

2 smooth sprue nozzles made of high-performance ceramics in cylindrical shape

Sprue Nozzles

2 white substrates for power modules made of technical ceramics

Substrates for power modules

2 circular, blue substrates for thin-film magnetic heads in hard disks made of aluminum oxide ceramic

Substrates for thin film magnetic heads in hard drives

Optically transparent support plates for polarization prisms in LCD projectors made of single crystal sapphire in various colors

Support Plates for Polarizers in LCD Processors

Anode ceramic made of ceramic-metal compound with hole in the center

Technical Ceramics for Heavy Ion Therapy

Various pink-colored guiding elements, yarn processing nozzles, oilers, rollers and interlacers made of high-performance ceramics

Textile Machinery Parts

5 heat protection pipes in various sizes and configurations, 2 of them with metal connections

Thermocouple protection tubes

Chucks, integrated mirrors and components for positioning tables made of technical high-performance ceramics in blue and white

Vacuum Chucks, Integrated Mirrors for Stages, Stage Parts

4 different sized, white ceramic tubes with smooth surface for vacuum circuit breakers

Vacuum circuit-breakers

Sapphire wafer boats made of single crystal sapphire, rectangular shape with rounded corners and a smooth surface

Wafer Boats

Various welding rollers & centering pins with eyelet in the middle

Welding rollers and centering pins

Four watch crystals made of sapphire, clear and transparent, smooth surface

Wristwatch lenses

Are you interested in our products, or do you have a specific project enquiry?

Our website offers you an overview of our product portfolio. However, we also specialise in developing individual solutions for your requirements with our customers.