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Sapphire is a single-crystal alumina, a transparent material of excellent chemical stability that exhibits valuable mechanical, thermal and optical properties. Its material properties are far superior to glass, quartz, and other mass-produced transparent materials.
Single-crystal sapphire is increasingly important as a material for high-reliability electronics due to its excellent mechanical properties, chemical stability and light transmission.

Kyocera manufactures single-crystal sapphire in a vertically integrated mass-production process. From "pulling up" the raw material with EFG (Edge-Defined Film-Fed Growth) methods to processing, Kyocera produces and supplies various products with large diameters or specific shape requirements.

The most important material properties of sapphire in brief:

  • High strength, high stiffness, high abrasion resistance, high heat resistance, high corrosion resistance and high plasma resistance.
    Because of these properties, single-crystal sapphire is often used for precision mechanical parts.
  • Stable dielectric constant, very low dielectric loss, good electrical insulation.
    Single-crystal sapphire is used as a material for substrates in the super high-frequency range. It is also used as an insulating material and microwave window. Single-crystal sapphire has become indispensable in the electronics industry.
  • Excellent light transmission.
    Single crystal sapphire is used for various types of vacuum equipment, reaction furnace windows, scanner windows and optical communication caps due to its excellent light transmission, mechanical properties, and heat resistance.
  • Good thermal conductivity and high heat resistance
    Thanks to its excellent thermal conductivity at low temperatures, single-crystal sapphire can be used as a transparent material in many different areas where thermal conduction and thermal radiation are required.

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