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Technical ceramics for mechanical and plant engineering

Kyocera offers high-tech solutions made of high-performance ceramics for mechanical and plant engineering – from prototypes to series production. Thinking of mechanical and plant engineering without ceramic materials is no longer possible. Ceramics expand your systems' possible use and performance – whether as an established application, such as a seal in rotating mechanical seals, or as a bearing for shafts in pumps in the chemical industry, or in new applications, such as a friction disk in a clutch. Due to their superior material properties, advanced ceramics have an enormously diverse variety of applications. Another advantage is that acids, alkalis, and high temperatures pose no problem for technical ceramics. Whereas metals and plastics have their limits, or where these limits are exceeded, our high-performance ceramics stand out from other materials. They are impressive for their unsurpassed wear resistance, dimensional stability, and low weight. Kyocera guarantees the best quality ceramic products and solutions for mechanical and plant engineering through continuous controls along the value chain.

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Our products for mechanical an plant engineering

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