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Career with Kyocera


The open positions are advertised under Job market. You can also use our filter options and search for areas or locations.


Yes, we are always looking for unique talents with individual skills. Please apply under the "Unsolicited application" tab. After receiving your application, we will check to which area your skills and qualifications best fit. We look forward to receiving your application!

We are constantly updating our jobs on the website. If you are interested in a position, please send us your application promptly so that we can consider you in the application process. Of course, we aim to fill our vacancies as quickly as possible, but we also strive to find the right candidate for the job. It pays to be quick!


Have you found an interesting job on our current job market? Take the next step on your career ladder and apply online on our career page.

In our online form, you can upload documents such as cover letter, CV, and references as PDF files with just a few clicks. After submitting your documents, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. 

If there are any complications, you can also send us your application by e-mail: For the Mannheim location to bewerbung(at) and for the Selb location to personal-selb(at)

After receiving your application, our HR department and the specialist department will intensively check whether your professional skills match the requirements of the position.  If your skills meet the requirements, we would like to get to know you in an interview as soon as possible! 

An initial interview with you, the HR department and the specialist department over the phone or Microsoft Teams will give you a first impression of the company and the possible job.  

After the interview, we will agree on the next steps together - such as a personal interview on site. During this interview, you will get to know the colleagues behind the "digital" voice.

As we would like to offer you a long-term perspective for your professional future, we will take a little more time for you and this process. Please be patient for about 1-2 weeks after the interview, because during this time the departments will be assessing you. In the final step, if you are accepted, we will arrange an appointment to discuss all contractual details.


In this case, please send us your corrected application by e-mail to bewerbung(at) or personal-selb(at) We will then update your application.


If the agreed appointment is not suitable, you can reschedule at any time. Please contact us.

For the Mannheim location, call 0621 40547 483 or send an e-mail to bewerbung(at)
For the Selb location, please call 09287 807 0 or send an e-mail to personal-selb(at)

If you have any questions about the application process or the position, you can contact our recruiting team at any time.

For the Mannheim location, call 0621 40547 483 or send an e-mail to bewerbung(at)

For the Selb location, call 09287 807 0 or send an e-mail to personal-selb(at)



Preparation is key! Excitement is part of it, but still stay the way you are. Because we want to get to know you and find out whether you fit into the team. 

  • How do you imagine a typical day in this profession? 
  • What do you think makes this job so interesting?
  • What do you think you have to do to be successful in this profession? 

These are exemplary questions for which you can prepare yourself well - we value honesty and friendliness above all.   

Of course, we also want to know something about you personally. You are unique, like your fingerprint. Show us how unique and diverse you can be. What are your hobbies? Do you do any voluntary work? How would your family describe you? All of this is information about you that helps us to get to know you better.  

A good interview should not be a monologue, but a dialogue. That's why you are welcome to ask questions about our company or the training you are interested in.

If you are not yet sure which position suits your skills and personality better, you are welcome to apply for several positions online.