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Technical ceramics for environmental and energy technology

Due to their high resistance to chemical attack, high temperatures and wear, our advanced ceramics are particularly suitable for use in the environmental and energy technology industries. We offer customised solutions for your specific requirements and work closely with our customers to develop an optimal high-performance ceramics product.

Our technical ceramics products help improve energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. We guarantee the best quality of our products and solutions through continuous controls along the value chain. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our products and solutions. We look forward to helping you and supporting you in realising your projects.

Neutralizsation units and fume scrubbers complete our range. These are individually tailored to the specific customer’s requirements and the place where the products will be used, enabling decentralised fume scrubbing and wastewater neutralisation right at the emission source. Through advanced technology our environmental equipment ensures outstanding cleaning results with low energy consumption while running fully automatically and silently in the background. The easy-maintenance design of FRIDURIT environmental equipment minimises outages, saves costs and proves its value time and again in everyday laboratory operations worldwide.

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Our products for environmental and energy technology