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Technical ceramics for analytics, metrology, and laboratory applications

Machines and processes in the industrial environment must constantly and strictly be monitored to ensure a smooth and sustainable production workflow. This requires the use of sophisticated sensors and measurement facilities, which are frequently exposed to corrosive and thermal stresses. Here, using our advanced ceramics enables their reliable and durable performance. 

Ceramics have versatile properties, such as resistance to mechanical, thermal, or corrosive influences. In particular, protective tubes made of alumina and sensor heads made of zirconia ensure that machines and processes consistently deliver their best possible performance and can get specifically and reliably monitored and controlled.

Electric and magnetic fields' dielectric properties and transparency guarantee an undisturbed measurement signal. Kyocera ceramics' corrosive and mechanical strength provides the best mechanical protection for sensitive electronics.

Advanced laboratories have stringent quality standards for the environments where tests, analyses, and experiments are conducted. For that the used materials must meet exact requirements.

Due to their high resistance to chemicals and temperature, our ceramic tubes, crucibles, boats, and combustion trays are also outstandingly suited to use in lab settings.

In addition to these excellent material properties, our reliable and established manufacturing processes are important basic prerequisites for target-oriented problem solutions.

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