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Ceramics in automotive industry

Never before have the demands placed on our means of transportation – and thus on their design and construction and the components used – been as stringent as they are today.

As an innovation partner, we offer our customers forward-looking and sustainable material solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies – reliable, flexible, and adjusted to the individual circumstances. For modern drive technology, the rare combination of electrical insulation and high heat conductivity with high resistance to corrosion and low wear is a relevant contribution to improving performance. Ceramic materials are also used in body construction.

Efforts to find renewable alternatives to fossil fuels are reshaping the demands that apply to the drives used in various means of transportation. With our expertise in materials and individual solutions, we are playing a key role in shaping the transformation of the automotive industry on key topics of the future, such as electric mobility.

Our prototype construction unit, with its top-notch equipment, translates the inspiration felt by automotive designers into ready-to-use products. With a thirst for innovation, we drive this discerning industry’s plans forward and put them into action.

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