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Aluminium Nitride

Aluminium nitride is characterised by high thermal conductivity and excellent plasma resistance and is, therefore, particularly suitable for applications in semiconductor processing.
Thanks to its thermal properties, aluminium nitride is a popular choice for manufacturing components exposed to high temperatures. But the material is also used in other areas, for example, in the electronics and automotive industries as well as in aerospace technology.
The most important properties of aluminium nitride (AlN) in brief:

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Excellent plasma resistance
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion like silicon
  • High mechanical strength and stiffness
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance

Aluminium nitride is the ideal choice if you are looking for components with high thermal conductivity and plasma resistance requirements. KYOCERA Fineceramics Europe GmbH offers a wide range of products made from this material, from standard components to customised solutions.

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