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Technical ceramics for electrical engineering and sensor technology

Our technical ceramics meet the highest demands for performance, reliability and precision. That is why our products are ideally suited for electrical engineering and sensor technology use.

Ceramic components are used in electrical engineering due to their high thermal stability, excellent insulating properties and chemical resistance. Kyocera offers a wide range of individual solutions for every application area, from insulators for high-voltage systems to thermally highly stressable substrates for power electronics to high-temperature heating plates for industrial applications.

Our ceramic products are also of great importance in sensor technology. Our materials and components can withstand extreme conditions and thus offer high performance and reliability. Whether as piezoelectric components for use in medical technology, as pressure sensors or as temperature-compensated oscillators for telecommunications - we offer a wide range of ceramic products for various sensor applications.

Kyocera is constantly seeking innovative solutions and new application areas. We work closely with our customers to develop customised products made of advanced ceramics. From the idea to the finished component, we support our customers professionally and offer tailored solutions.

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Our products for electronics and sensor technology