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Ceramic Fine Grinding Tools

the right solution for every requirement

Highest quality for unequalled surface finishes

The specific doping with additives allows DEGUSSIT DD57 sintered ruby to achieve extremely high hardness like that of diamond, very high wear resistance and its deep-red colour. Our fine grinding tools are used to manufacture accurate fine precision devices in the watch, glass, and jewellery industry or as knife sharpeners, among others. DEGUSSIT DD57 fine grinding tools guarantee unequalled surface qualities when grinding, lapping, honing and roller burnishing. By using DEGUSSIT fine grinding tools for machining, the surface of workpieces is not only machined but can also be hardened and polished with pressure.

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Ceramic bench stones

Bench stones made of DEGUSSIT DD57 are available in fine, medium, and coarse.


Midget file made of alumina

Due to the extreme hardness of the sintered alumina crystals, DEGUSSIT midget files have excellent resistance to wear and deformation.


Burnishing wheels made of sintered ruby

Burnishing is a fine-machining process, for which DEGUSSIT burnishing wheels are supremely suited.


Mounted points made of high-performance ceramics

DEGUSSIT mounted points are available in fine and medium types. During use, care must be taken that the peripheral speed is not too high.