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HDD Head Processing Tools and Fixtures

the right solution for every requirement

Durable, precise, and chemically resistant

Process tools and fixtures are an important part of producing HDD heads. They must withstand high demands and ensure high precision. To meet these requirements, Kyocera offers process tools and fixtures made of semiconducting zirconia.

High bending strength
Our process tools and fixtures are characterised by their high flexural strength, guaranteeing a long service life. The material can withstand high loads without breaking or deforming.

High-precision processing
Thanks to semiconducting zirconia's high strength and stability, our process tools and fixtures can be processed very precisely. This guarantees high accuracy and consistent quality of the HDD Heads produced.

Electrical conductivity
Semiconductive zirconia has electrical conductivity, making it ideal for applications in the semiconductor industry. Our process tools and fixtures provide reliable electrical conductivity, contributing to the high quality of the HDD Heads produced.

Chemical resistance
Furthermore, semiconductive zirconia is chemically stable and resistant to acids and alkalis. Our process tools and fixtures can, therefore, be used in aggressive environments without being damaged.

Semiconductive zirconia is non-magnetic and can, thus, be used in applications where magnetic interference must be avoided.

Kyocera’s semiconductive zirconia process tools and fixtures offer a durable, precise, and chemically resistant solution for HDD head manufacturing. We assist our customers in selecting the appropriate material for their individual requirements, ensuring the high quality and reliability of process tools and fixtures. Contact us today to learn more!

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