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High Voltage-resistant Alumina

Silver-metallic-colored high-voltage-resistant aluminium oxide ceramic with screw thread

the right solution for every requirement

High-quality, durable and versatile

High-voltage applications require materials that have high dielectric strength and tracking resistance. Kyocera's high-voltage-resistant alumina ceramic offers a solution that meets these requirements.

Improved dielectric strength and tracking resistance
Our products show improved dielectric strength and tracking resistance in vacuum environments. This makes them ideal for high-voltage applications such as analytical systems, semiconductor process tools and medical or industrial X-ray tubes.

Reduced conditioning time
Kyocera's high-voltage-resistant alumina ceramics reduce conditioning time during high-voltage operation, resulting in higher efficiency and more reliable performance.

Low ripple
Thanks to the high-voltage strength of Kyocera's alumina ceramic, a low ripple is ensured. This results in consistent performance and longer life.

Size reduction
Compared to common alumina, high-stress alumina ceramics from Kyocera can be reduced in size by up to 50 % (based on Kyocera's simulation). As a result, more compact and lighter components can be produced.

Our high-stress alumina ceramic offers hermeticity, resulting in better sealing and higher reliability.

Metallization and brazing possible

Kyocera delivers high-quality, durable, and versatile solutions for high-voltage applications. We proudly offer our customers a wide range of products tailored to their individual needs and requirements. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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