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Immersion heater tubes

Cylindrical heating protection tube closed at the bottom in gray

The right solution for every requirement

Efficient, durable, and resistant

Immersion heater tubes play a crucial role in transferring and protecting thermal energy in many industrial applications, such as heating or keeping molten liquid metals warm in foundry technology. To ensure optimum performance and long service life, they must withstand high temperatures, abrasion, and corrosion. This is where Kyocera's technical ceramic immersion heater tubes come into play.

Good thermal conductivity
By using silicon nitride, our immersion heater tubes offer good thermal conductivity, which helps to ensure that heat is transferred quickly and efficiently.

Extremely high strength
Our advanced ceramic immersion heater tubes are characterised by their extreme strength, which extends their service life and guarantees reliable operation.

Excellent thermal shock behaviour
Our immersion heater tubes' excellent thermal shock behaviour ensures that they operate reliably and last a long time, even under the most challenging conditions.

High corrosion and wear resistance
Our immersion heater tubes' high corrosion and wear resistance guarantees a long service life and reliable operation even under difficult conditions.

With our high-performance ceramic immersion heater tubes, you can be sure that you are getting an efficient, durable, and resistant solution. Contact us today and let's find a solution for your requirements together!

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