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Plasma Generation and Introduction Tubes

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Temperature-resistant, plasma-resistant and with low dielectric loss

Single-crystal sapphire tubes are an excellent choice for plasma generation and guidance applications, as well as microwave tubes. They offer high-temperature resistance, making them ideal for applications where high temperatures are encountered. They are also plasma resistant and have a low dielectric loss, which improves tube performance and reliability.

High-temperature resistance
Single-crystal sapphire tubes are particularly resistant to high temperatures and offer excellent thermal stability. This makes them ideal for applications with high temperatures, such as plasma generation.

Plasma resistance
Single-crystal sapphire is a high-purity material and has a very low number of defects. This makes tubes made of single-crystal sapphire extremely resistant to plasma and enables reliable performance and long life, even in demanding environments.

Low dielectric loss
Single-crystal sapphire tubes have a very low dielectric loss, which improves tube performance and reliability. This makes them an excellent choice for applications where high accuracy and stability are required, such as microwave communications.

Single-crystal sapphire tubes by Kyocera offer a high-quality and reliable solution for your applications. We offer various solutions tailored to your individual needs and requirements. With our single-crystal sapphire tubes, you can be sure of a durable, reliable, and efficient solution. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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