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Silicon Carbide Powders

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The right solution for every requirement

High-performance powder for the processing industry

We offer high-performance ceramic powders that are optimised for their future application in various morphologies, grain shapes, and sizes, as well as compositions. We have been collaborating for more than 15 years with abcr GmbH, which handles the distribution of our powder's small quantities (1 g – 100 kg). This enables us to supply you with the desired ceramic powder worldwide in one to two days. In larger quantities, we distribute ourselves from our Selb plant in the heart of Europe.

You are interested in our products or have a specific project enquiry?

StarCeram S Ready-to-Press Powder (RTP)

Product typeDescriptionTypical D50 value 
Grade RQResin based RTP powder for excellent green machining70
Grade SQPVA/PEG based RTP powder for green machining and dry pressing62
Grade HQLike SQ, but smaller tolerance in granule distribution60
Grade HQ-FLike HQ, but in smaller granule sizes for the highest strength27
Grade CQLike SQ, but better flowability for dry pressing100

Typical attainable density: > 3.1 g / cm3
Specific surface raw material (BET): About 15 m/ g
Packaging Unit: 40 kg in barrels

StarCeram S Raw Ceramic Powder

Product typeTypical D50 valueBET [m2/g] Green density [g/m3]
Grade UF 52.24 - 61.7 - 1.9
Grade UF 100.99 - 11

1.65 - 1.8

Grade UF 150.7514 - 161.6 - 1.8
Grade UF 250.6523 - 26

1.5 - 1.7

Packaging unit: 25 kg