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Sprue Nozzles

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Sprue nozzles are crucial in many production processes and contribute to efficiency and quality. Therefore, they must withstand high stresses, including high temperatures, abrasion, corrosion, and wear. This is where Kyocera's technical ceramic sprue nozzles offer a durable, efficient, and reliable solution.

Very low wettability

Our advanced ceramic sprue nozzles have a very low wettability to molten aluminium, and other non-ferrous metal melts. This is particularly important in applications where high purity is required.

Extremely good thermal shock behaviour

Thanks to their excellent thermal shock behaviour, our sprue nozzles are particularly suitable for applications where frequent temperature changes occur.

Corrosion and wear resistant

Our high-performance ceramic sprue nozzles are corrosion and wear-resistant, contributing to longer life and performance.

Very good thermal insulation

Thanks to their outstanding thermal insulation, our sprue nozzles are an optimal solution for applications requiring uniform heat dissipation.

Our sprue nozzles made of technical ceramics are ideal for use in low-pressure die casting in the transition to the mould in foundry technology.

The aluminium titanate material from which our sprue nozzles are made offers high strength and hardness, contributing to their high wear resistance.

Let us improve your production processes together and find the right solution from our wide range of sprue nozzles made of advanced ceramics. Our experienced and competent staff is always available to answer your questions. Contact us today!

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