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Substrates for power modules

The right solution for every requirement

High strength, low thermal expansion, electrical insulation and compatible with Direct Copper Bonding for numerous applications in power modules.

Power module substrates are a critical component of power electronics applications, such as automotive, renewable energy and industrial applications. It is crucial to select the right material for the substrate to ensure the efficiency and reliability of power modules. This is where the substrates for power modules made of alumina and aluminium zirconia by Kyocera come into play.

High strength and low thermal expansion

Our power module substrates are characterised by their high strength and low thermal expansion, resulting in excellent mechanical stability and thermal performance. These properties make them ideal for applications where high loads occur.

Electrical insulation

The electrically insulating material of the substrates for power modules ensures reliable isolation of circuits, which is particularly crucial at high voltages. Our substrates are, therefore, the ideal choice for power electronics applications.

Compatible with Direct Copper Bonding

Our power module substrates are also compatible with Direct Copper Bonding (DCB), a technology for bonding semiconductor chips and substrates. This bonding technology provides excellent heat dissipation and significantly improves the thermal performance of power modules.

Versatile applications

Thanks to their high strength, low thermal expansion, electrical insulation, and compatibility with DCB, our power module substrates are suitable for a wide range of applications. These include the automotive industry, renewable energy, and industrial applications.

At Kyocera, we offer our customers customised solutions for their individual requirements. Our alumina and aluminium zirconia power module substrates are just one of the many solutions we offer. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your power electronics applications.

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