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Thermocouple protection tubes

The right solution for every requirement

Excellent performance and durability

Thermocouple protection tubes made of silicon nitride

In many industrial applications, thermocouple protection tubes are used to measure the temperature of molten liquid metals in foundry applications. These tubes must withstand high temperatures, corrosion, and abrasion to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance. This is where Kyocera's technical ceramic thermocouple protection tubes come into play.

Excellent thermal shock resistance
Our advanced ceramic thermocouple protection tubes offer excellent thermal shock resistance to perform reliably under frequent temperature changes.

Outstanding mechanical strength
Due to their outstanding mechanical strength, our thermocouple protection tubes are very resistant and durable.

High corrosion and wear resistance
Our thermocouple protection tubes resist corrosion and abrasion, contributing to long service life.

Extremely low wettability with non-ferrous metal melts
Due to their extremely low wettability with non-ferrous metal melts, our thermocouple protection tubes prevent contamination in the process.

Quick and easy installation
Our thermocouple protection tubes can be mounted quickly and easily by means of suitable metal adapters.

Outstanding service life
Due to their high corrosion and wear resistance and extremely low wettability, our thermocouple protection tubes offer an outstanding service life.
Our thermocouple protection tubes are made of silicon nitride, a material with outstanding properties in terms of temperature resistance, hardness, and corrosion resistance.


Thermocouple protection tubes made of alumina

High-temperature resistance
DEGUSSIT pipes can be used as thermocouple protection pipes as a variant closed on one side. Like all pipes made of DEGUSSIT AL23, thermocouple protection pipes can withstand temperatures of up to 1950 °C. Due to their purity and homogeneous structure, they exhibit excellent creep resistance. 

Unique closure technology
The closed end of the thermocouple protection tubes is elaborately closed by hand. This is the only way to guarantee a uniform wall thickness. This is of great importance so that the measuring systems show optimal response behaviour. The tubes can also be provided with a flange for easy installation in the customer's application.

Corrosion resistance
Due to the low SiO2 content, DEGUSSIT AL23 is particularly corrosion resistant compared to other alumina with the same purity. This means that it can also be used under extremely difficult conditions. 

High measuring accuracy
The material's electrical insulation capacity and good thermal conductivity prevent measuring errors due to heat loss and thus enable high measuring accuracy. The measurement results are, therefore, exact and reproducible. 

Long service life
The high resistance of the ceramic tubes protects the measuring equipment from environmental conditions, thus enabling a long service life and economical measurement. 

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