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Vacuum Chucks, Integrated Mirrors for Stages, Stage Parts

Chucks, integrated mirrors and components for positioning tables made of high-performance technical ceramics

The right solution for every requirement

High-precision components made of technical ceramics for semiconductor production

The semiconductor industry places the highest demands on its production equipment and processes. High-precision components that offer a long service life and reliable performance are required here. Kyocera provides the right solution for semiconductor manufacturing with its advanced ceramic products.

High bending strength
Our components made of high-performance ceramics are characterised by their high bending strength. They are, therefore, particularly resistant to mechanical stress and offer high reliability in use.

High precision
Due to the precise production of our components made of technical ceramics, we achieve a high degree of accuracy and repeatability of dimensions. This is particularly important for the semiconductor industry, where precise positioning is crucial.

Low thermal expansion
Our advanced ceramic components have low thermal expansion. This is particularly important for applications where temperature changes occur. The low thermal expansion avoids stresses that could lead to cracks and fractures.

Complex surface profiles and structures available

Thanks to our modern manufacturing technologies, we can produce components made of high-performance ceramics with complex surface profiles and structures. This opens up new possibilities for the design of components and equipment in semiconductor manufacturing.

Chucks, integrated mirrors, and positioning stage components made by Kyocera offer a high-quality, durable and precise solution for semiconductor manufacturing. We work closely with our customers to develop customised solutions that meet their unique requirements.

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