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Ceramic Sensor Parts

Yellow flow meter with symmetrical design, narrow middle section and wider ends with measuring cell

Ceramic components for sensor and measurement technology

Where other materials, such as plastic or glass, reach their limits, the range of applications for ceramics in sensor and measurement technology begins. Components made of high-performance ceramics are extremely resistant to heat, corrosion, high voltage, and chemical influences. In addition, they are dimensionally stable and wear-resistant, meaning that their functionality is maintained for a long time. 


Components made of technical ceramics are characterised by the following properties:

  • optical properties
  • microwave properties
  • oxygen conductivity
  • metal coating
  • small dimensions
  • FDA approval
  • dielectric properties

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Ceramic components for pressure measurement

Pressure sensor components made of alumina or sapphire from Kyocera are perfectly suited for use in harsh environments, such as coolant pressure measurement, hydraulic control, or fuel injection pressure measurement. These materials are characterised by high chemical and temperature resistance, which means they function reliably even under extreme conditions.

Kyocera's high-precision production processes make it possible to produce customised sensor designs for the desired pressure range.

Pressure sensor components

Tight tolerances and highly efficient series production using Kyocera's powerful production infrastructure ensure high quality.

Another advantage of the pressure sensor components made of alumina or sapphire is the possibility of direct thick-film metallisation (conductor, resistor) without additional insulation processes. This not only saves time but also costs.

Sensors for flow measurement

The extraordinary properties of advanced ceramics ensure precise and safe processes in filling systems for liquids and pasty substances.

Measurement cells made of high-performance ceramics reliably control an even flow of aggressive media. Non-magnetisable and highly resistant to corrosion, the ceramic material is suitable for a vast range of applications.

Flow meters

Flow meters with cermet electrodes, a compound made of FZM and platinum, are used in magnetically inductive flow meters (MID).

Float bodies

Float bodies made of alumina F99.7 ceramic material control an even flow of highly aggressive materials.


Oxygen measurement with components made of yttria-stabilised zirconia

Oxygen sensors with yttrium oxide-stabilised zirconia DEGUSSIT FZY are suitable for measuring oxygen in gases and atmospheres. Partially stabilised zirconia displays oxygen ion conductivity from 400°C.

DEGUSSIT FZY is a ZrO2, partly stabilised with Y2O3, and is resistant to temperatures of up to 1700°C. Primarily developed for oxygen measurement for the high-temperature Lambda sensor, it is now used as a special structural material in further applications.

Ceramic-metal-assemblies for oxygen measurement

Oxygen probes made of DEGUSSIT FZY are characterised by quick response times with constant measuring signals and high ion conductivity.


Tubes for oxygen sensors

Ceramic tubes made of yttria-stabilised zirconia DEGUSSIT FZY are used as sensor components, for example in flue gases to control combustion processes. Temperature resistance up to 1700°C and excellent surface properties enable further applications in high temperature technology.

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Components made of technical ceramics for level measurement

The bending properties, oxygen conductivity as well as microwave properties of our specially developed oxide ceramics make them indispensable in sensor technology applications. Level sensors operate more and more frequently with radar or ultrasonic transmitters made of alumina F99.7 or F99.7 hf. When measuring the level, aluminium oxide ceramics are used as antennas/ transmitters of the radio waves, microwaves or ultrasonic waves. Measurements of the level in the storage tanks are carried out using electrode carriers made of magnesium stabilised zirconium oxide FZM which is highly corrosion resistant.


Radar or ultrasonic transmitters made of aluminium oxide

Radar or ultrasonixc transmitters made of aluminium oxide F99.7 oder F99.7 hf are extremely resistant to corrosion.


Electrode carriers made of ceramics

A platinum electrode is sintered gas tight in magnesium stabilised zirconia FZM or alumina F99.7.