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Kyocera doubles the warranty period of FRIDURIT environmental equipment to 24 months

Kyocera’s FRIDURIT-branded fume scrubbers and neutralisation units are increasingly in demand from manufacturing plants and laboratories. Kyocera is so convinced of the reliability and durability of the product range that the warranty period has been extended from 12 months to 24 months with immediate effect.

Kyoto/London, 17. August 2023. For decades, the FRIDURIT brand has been well-known for its excellent capabilities in treating exhaust air and wastewater from chemical laboratories and industrial processes. Kyocera is so convinced of the reliability and durability of these fume scrubbers and wastewater neutralisation units that the warranty period has been extended from 12 months to 24 months from delivery with immediate effect.


FRIDURIT fume scrubbers: compact and highly efficient

Compared to units from other manufacturers, FRIDURIT fume scrubbers achieve exceptionally high separation rates in acidic air of up to 97 per cent. It features an ingenious process where the contaminated air is guided into a chamber with finely atomized scrubbing liquid. This liquid mist mixes perfectly with the acidic components in the air, binding them and subsequently separating them as larger droplets. This enables a FRIDURIT fume scrubber to purify up to 1,800 cubic meters of exhaust air per hour.


These remarkable advantages render fume scrubbers ideal for various applications in laboratory and production settings, including surface treatment of glass, plastics processing, and semiconductor manufacturing in cleanroom conditions. The devices operate on a local level, conserving resources, and are straightforward to maintain. Thanks to their compact design, these devices can be utilized in tight spaces, making them suitable for integration in laboratory fume cupboards.


FRIDURIT fume scrubbers efficiently eliminate corrosive and/or hazardous gases directly at their source, safeguarding people and buildings from potential harm, and preventing negative consequences to production processes.


FRIDURIT neutralisation units: safe and easy to integrate

When FRIDURIT fume scrubbers are combined with their sister product, FRIDURIT wastewater neutralisation units, production processes generate fewer critical end products, primarily consisting of easily disposable substances such as salts and water.

The systems play a major part in making production environments more environmentally friendly. With their innovative mixing-pumping system and hose-free supply of dosing chemicals, the neutralisation systems set new standards in safety. 


Years of experience in manufacturing wastewater neutralisation solutions mean that Kyocera is able to provide compact, easily integrated neutralisation units along with appropriate accessories such as lifting units and buffer tanks. It also means that the company is able to cost-effectively implement tailored solutions.