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Kyocera presents innovative technical ceramics for particle accelerators at IPAC 2023 in Venice

As a globally important manufacturer, Kyocera produces components made of technical ceramics for accelerator technology and has successfully participated in the fair since 2010. Through its participation, the company has already been able to gain a foothold in this industry and increase its market share.

Mannheim, Germany - Kyocera, a global leader in technical ceramics, will be attending IPAC 2023 in Venice from May 7-12. The International Particle Accelerator Conference is one of the most important academic conferences in the particle accelerator market and provides an ideal platform for researchers, scientists and companies to discuss the latest developments and trends in the industry.

At IPAC 2023, further contacts will be made with research institutes and other companies around the globe to raise awareness of the Kyocera Group's technology, especially with regard to the production of ceramic-metal composite parts. Kyocera also aims to showcase its innovative technical ceramic products such as vacuum chambers, kicker chambers, beam position monitors and isolators and provide insights into their developments that will be of great interest to the particle accelerator industry.

For example, Kyocera will be exhibiting its Beam Position Monitor (BPM), which has been specially developed for heavy ion research and has been manufactured to the highest standards of perfection and precision to help monitor the radiation behaviour within a particle accelerator. As early as 2017, the "Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research" (FAIR), one of the world's largest accelerator facilities, was developed in cooperation with the "Gesellschaft für Ionenforschung" (GSI). The high-precision experiments at FAIR serve to improve our understanding of the fundamental structure of matter. Data from magnetic fields and their behaviour will be stored and subsequently analysed. 84 beam position monitors serve as the main diagnostic component in the accelerator ring at FAIR: Under cryogenic conditions, they measure the position of the beam. They check where the beam is currently located in space and, due to the correction, it always remains on the desired path. The entire procedure is measured with an accuracy of 100 µm.

Kyocera is proud to announce its participation at IPAC 2023 and cordially invites all interested parties to visit booth C19 on the third floor of Palazzo del Casinó to learn more about Technical Ceramic Products.